College Recommendation Criteria

Ms. Mazzurco

At least 4 weeks before the due date for your first college application, please provide me -- via email -- with the following information...

1.One or two major pieces of writing that you wrote for our class.

2.  An informal, but thorough, personal statement in which you answer the following questions:

a.What specific contributions did you make to our English class? What accomplishment in that class makes you most proud? How do you think you grew, academically, intellectually, and/or personally in the class? Please be specific. Remind me of clear, concrete examples; give anecdotes. Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn.

b.What do you love to do? What makes you happiest? Outside of English class, what are the things which inspire you, as a thinker and a person, and why? Your response will help me create a more rounded picture of you. Please be as honest as you can.

  1. c.Briefly, what attracts you to the colleges to which you are applying?

d. Why did you ask me to write your recommendation?

  1. 3. A list of each college to which you are applying, along with the due date for each application.

    If all of your applications can be submitted online, then you simply must provide me with the above.  If you have a application that must be submitted through the mail, follow the below instructions...

Provide me with all necessary application materials, including forms and envelopes that have been stamped and addressed to the college(s). Put Stuyvesant’s address (345 Chambers Street, NYC, 10282) and my name as the return address. Please complete every part of the form except for my signatu

re. You may need the following information to do this:

•The grade you received in my class and the name of the course

•My full name: Rosa Mazzurco

•Years I’ve been teaching: 16

•My title: English Teacher

•My telephone number: 212 312-4800

•My email address:

•On the sections of the form where they ask me to rank/rate you, write “see attached.”

•On sections where they ask for more general, narrative comments, do the same.

Once I have your information, I will write a through, personal letter about you and your talents. Although these recommendations are confidential, know that I will write a strong, supportive letter on your behalf.